Dairy Train Newsletter July 2022 Edition 1

Welcome back Dairymen and Dairywomen! The year is half over and July is here! County Fairs and many other events related to the dairy and agriculture industries are being held. Take time and enjoy all you can. It is especially important to encourage our young people who show interest in the industry.

More inflations have been added to our Inflation Clearinghouse, so be sure to check it out to find the inflations you need on your farm. Use the link below.

DairyTrainClassifieds – Inflation Clearinghouse

We are making our final preparations for Farm Technology Days. We will have a booth at this event and hope you will stop to see us if you attend. This takes place July 12 – 14 in Clark County at the Roehl Acres Farm in Loyal, Wisconsin. As part of this event, we are offering you two coupons. The first is for our site. Using the code WIFarmTech22 when you check out, you will get 10% off your entire cart. You can use this code numerous times between now and August 31, 2022.

The second coupon is for a free WANT AD on our site. Just call 608-539-2044 and let us know that you want to list the items you are looking for. This can be any equipment, parts, or even employees. We will run your free want ad for six months or until you find what you wanted. Make sure to mention that you found this coupon in the Dairy Train Newsletter.

(608) 539-2044

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A seller in Minnesota has a 60 gallon Dairytech Model DT60G pasteurizer for sale. It was in use until becoming available on June 1, 2022. Please reference #DTCS-2532 when calling or emailing for more information.


SALE! From now until July 14, 2022, this set of two rubber E-Zee Milking Delatron EP100 coil O-rings is only $0.75.


A seller in Utah has one Auto-rotor Receiver available for sale. This is a low profile receiver that will fit under the parlor platform. Reference DTCS-2084 when you call or email!

cip cup

SAVE! Purchase this CIP Cup for only $1.40. This sale ends July 14, 2022.


A seller in South Dakota has 16 Boumatic Pulsators available for sale. These are priced per each. Reference DTCS-2024 when you call or email!

milk valve

PRICE REDUCED! Surge 5/8″ Horizontal Milk Valve is now only $6.00! HURRY! This price is good until July 14, 2022.





800 Gallon Dairy King Tank

A seller in Wisconsin has one 800 Gallon Dairy King Tank available for sale. This tank has the serial # 800 s ss80 5002. It has a 1 1/2” threaded inlet/outlet, and holds pressure, according to the seller. This tank includes the level stick, and measures 124”long by 69”wide by 64”tall. Reference DTCS-2114 when you call or email!

June 21st, 2022|

Dairy Train Newsletter June 2022 Edition 1

Welcome back Dairymen and Dairywomen! June is Dairy Month!! Take advantage of the Dairy Breakfasts in your area. It is always good to see what other dairy farmers are doing. It is a great way to advertise this wonderful and difficult industry to the public.

We are busy here at Dairy Train getting new parts listed on both of our sites. We are also getting ready for Wisconsin’s Farm Technology Days which is in Clark County this year. If you attend, say “hi” to us at our booth in Loyal, Wisconsin July 12-14.

(608) 539-2044


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receiver group

A seller in Wisconsin has one Surge Receiver Group available. This includes a stainless steel receiver, trap, pump and motor, power control box, and stainless steel backplate. This is priced for the one available. Reference #DTCS-2320 when you call or email!

pipe holder

SALE! From now until June 14, 2022, purchase this metal pipe holder clamp for only $12.00. This will hold a 1 1/2″ and 3″ pipe.

DwLaval milk bucket

A seller in Wisconsin has a DeLaval milk pail with a lid available for sale. This is a very nice, clean pail with an electric pulsator connection on the lid. The price is per the one pail/lid available. Reference #DTCS-2491 when you call or email!

contact arm

SAVE! This 2 1/4″ Contact Arm is now only $o.25! Sale ends on June 14, 2022.

doerr motor

A seller in Pennsylvania has a DOERR 3/4 hp Transfer Pump Motor available for sale. C Face 3450 rpm, 230 vac, 5/8” shaft. Price is per each. 3 available. All motors are tested. Ref# LB573.

number tags yellow

SALE! All yellow number ID tags are on sale for only $0.80! All numbers are available. Just click the link below for the number tag you need! This sale ends June 14, 2022.

Tag Number 0 Tag Number 1

Tag Number 2 Tag Number 3

Tag Number 4 Tag Number 5

Tag Number 6 Tag Number 7

Tag Number 8 Tag Number 9


Mag 90I stalls with cylinders, controls and cow mats

A seller in Wisconsin has 20 Mag 90I stalls with cylinders, controls with cow mats available for sale. Additional parts to this parlor are also available for sale. Reference DTCS-1933 when you call or email for more information.


2500-gallon GEA Westfalia Surge Tank

A seller in Wisconsin has one 2500-gallon GEA Westfalia Surge Tank available for sale. This tank comes with two 5hp single phase condensing units, an Expert Koolway Cooling/Wash control with P600 pump and an Anderson temperature recorder. The tank is from 2012. Reference DTCS-1912 when you call or email!

June 1st, 2022|

Dairy Train Newsletter May 2022 Edition 2

Welcome back Dairymen and Dairywomen! May is half over already! This is a very busy time on the farm. It is also time for many dairy events to begin around the country. One interesting event is the National Holstein Convention which is held in Sioux Falls South Dakota this year from June 27 through July 1. This is a wonderful time for our younger dairy farmers (ages 9-21) to show what they know about their holsteins and the dairy industry. Check it out and register by June 1!

**It’s time to check out our Wanted List below! Let us know if you have any of these items that you are no longer in need of and would like to sell.

**If you haven’t already, check out our new Inflation Clearing House. There are currently over 1100 inflations available. This is a great way to find the inflation you need for your farm. Just click on the link below and browse by manufacturer.

DairyTrainClassifieds – Inflation Clearing House

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id tag holder and strap

A seller in California has 3000 ID (GEA) neck straps and tags and holders available for sale. Quantity discount: buy 1000 or more and they’re only $15/each! ($20/each regular price.) Reference DTCS-307 when you call or email!

jetter cup

SALE! Each Clean in Place rubber Jetter Cup is now only $2.00. 20% savings! Sale is on now through May 31,2022.


A seller in Wisconsin has a new, never even out of the box, Zareba Model 8200-A cow trainer/electric fence controller for sale. The price is an “or best offer” option. Please reference #DTCS-2525 when calling or emailing for more information.

e clips

SALE! This package of 5 “E” Clips is now only $0.20! That’s 5 packages for only $1.00. This sale is good from now until May 31, 2022.

4 gear motors

These brand-new feeder gear motors have a Surge part number 7750-0046-465. They are priced per each with four motors available and they will ship from Wisconsin. Call today and ask about DTCS-093. This is a “best offer” item.


50% OFF! Purchase this Ground Connector for a Stallcock for only $0.15. Hurry–only 79 in stock! Sale ends May 31, 2022.