by Suzanne Lane

REDUCED: A seller in Wisconsin has one Waikato Double 16 Swing Parlor available for sale.   Items included are:

Receiver (stainless steel) and trap (stainless steel) with a ball, plastic dome lids for each unit with gaskets.  Extra receiver gaskets.
1 milk probe for the receiver,  1 long straight pipe and one long bent pipe, receiver brackets (stainless steel)
Vacuum balance tank (1 in and 4 out with a drain opening)   1 U bend
1 Waikato vacuum regulator
1 vacuum gauge, 2 air filters,  U bend
2 plastic wash plugs
1 air injector
16 hose bracket with switch, 8 small, 8 large, and 16 lids used with switch brackets
16 cylinders with electronic card and shut off and one extra shut off
2 power supplies
Milk pump stand
Assorted heavy duty clamps
6 extra new coils
16 double air dividers
17 claws without shut off
64 Boumatic shells stainless steel
1 milk pump control
1 box of random long bolts
1 Ripplephase pulsation control
9 Waikato pulsators
16 V-Brackets blue-coated
2 3″ stainless steel elbows with ferrules
16+ curb mount hose supports

The seller is asking $7,800 and will consider any reasonable offer.  Reference DTCS-2310.

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