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Miscellaneous can include any items that do not fit into our listed catagories.
Photo Title Price
Fiberglass Hoof Bath Fiberglass Hoof Bath $180.00
Single Fan Single Fan $180.00
Hoof Trimming Chute Hoof Trimming Chute $3,960.00
Express Dehorner Express Dehorner $240.00
On Demand Water Heater On Demand Water Heater $7,800.00
Zoeller Sump Pump Zoeller Sump Pump $468.00
Water Cups Water Cups $30.00
Milk house cart Milk house cart $108.00
Rheem 85 gallon water heater MR85245 Rheem 85 gallon water heater MR85245 $900.00
Watercups Watercups $30.00
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