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Air Systems and Test Equipment  Air Systems and Test Equipment (5)
Air systems and test equipment can include air compressors, air fittings, air filters, air cleaners, triscan testers, vacuum testers, SAII pulsation recorder, pulsotest unit.  
Cooling  Cooling (68)
Cooling can include tank washer, tank accessories, plate cooler, tube coolers, condensing units, compressors, heat recovery units and heat exchangers.  
Detachers  Detachers (176)
Detachers can incude - Units used in tie stalls and stanchion barns. Automatic and manual units used in parlors. Detacher pieces and parts such as cylinders, sensors, flow monitors.  
Feed and Manure Systems  Feed and Manure Systems (40)
Feed and Manure Systems can include, mixers, dryers, feed chutes, drives, motors and scrapers.  
Goat Equipment  Goat Equipment (5)
Goat Equipment  
ID Systems  ID Systems (43)
ID can include ID modules, tags, ID loops, and ID controllers.  
Milk Handling  Milk Handling (296)
Milk handling starts ar the pipeline and goes to the tank. This can include milk pumps, receiver high lines, receiver low lines, milk wash reserviors, receiver panels, filters, drains, diverter valves, and traps.  
Milking Equipment  Milking Equipment (257)
Milking equipment can include, inflations, hose supports, hoses, hose accessories, pulsators and pulsation controllers.  
Parlor  Parlor (30)
Complete parlors  
Processing Equipment  Processing Equipment (6)
Dairy processing equipment  
Robots  Robots (2)
Robot milking machines  
Sanitation  Sanitation (141)
Sanitation can include, auto pipe line washers, auto pipe line washer accessories, teat sprayers, back flush, Clean in Place units, Wash vats and sinks.  
Sort Gates, Crowd Gates and Scales  Sort Gates, Crowd Gates and Scales (28)
Sort gates, crowd gates and scales can include, frame work, motors, antennas, air cylinders, control boxes, gates and scales.  
Stalls  Stalls (48)
Stalls can include, tie stalls, stanchions, herring bones, parallels, individual, rotory, flatbarn, cylinders, controls and gates.  
Supplies  Supplies (3)
Supplies can include, chemicals, filter socks, gloves, aprons, paints, brooms and shovels.  
Tanks, Chillers, and Pasturizers  Tanks, Chillers, and Pasturizers (64)
Tanks, chillers, and pasturizers can include milk tanks, silos, falling film chillers, braze chillers, colostrum pasturizers, good nature pasturizers,  
Vacuum Systems  Vacuum Systems (125)
Vacuum systems can include oil vane pumps, blower pumps, variable speed drives, regulators, pvc tanks, balance tanks and reserve tanks.  
Services  Services (1)
Companies that provide specialized service to the dairy farm  
Miscellaneous  Miscellaneous (75)
Miscellaneous can include any items that do not fit into our listed catagories.  
Animals  Animals (0)
Animals can include cows, goats, sheep and semen.  
Feed for Animals  Feed for Animals (1)
Feed can include hay, corn, cotton seed, soy bean and silage.  
Tractors and Combines  Tractors and Combines (0)
WANTED- 30 day ad ($10)  WANTED- 30 day ad ($10) (5)
List any equipment that you are looking to purchase.  

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