by Suzanne Lane
Published: October 11, 2021 (2 months ago)

A seller in Ohio has many inflations available for sale.  These are priced at the great price of $1.20 each.  Reference #DTCS-2415 when you call or email to inquire if the quantity you are looking for is available.  The types and some approximate counts available are:

Milkrite:     O1BU         TLC-U1          B2VU         R1CU         6M              JF-5OU          JF-1      JF60ULT (120)                                JF62ULT         B1U-LT-V        O1AU-LT          08EULT (110)          IP3-U  (200)        Unitec 283 (200)                                                                                                           Dairy rite:    U282

BouMatic:    Magnum 400 non-vented     Magnum 500 non-vented (400)     Magnum 600 non-vented (50)

RF1 w/ Jet Vent air vents           R-1B w/ Jet Vent air vents     Jetter 8510176 (225)

DeLaval:          6100          HC-01 (250)

Call or email for more information and refer to #DTCS-2415.


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