by Suzanne Lane
Published: October 3, 2021 (2 months ago)

A seller in Wisconsin has milk house equipment and a 2″ stainless steel pipeline available for sale.  The equipment includes:

Glass Receiver Unit with motor, milk pump, trap, a glass receiver jar, and a control box.

Wash line (for one-touch units)    Pipeline Washer

Suterbilt Vacuum Pump (1999)    Balance Tank and Alamo Vacuum Pump Filter   Sentinel Vacuum Regulator

Kube Kooler

Surge Pulsation Control

Approximately 150 feet of 2″ stainless steel pipeline with 24 one-touch modules/stallcocks.  The modules are 6 1/2 feet apart with holes in the line that can be plugged.

The equipment must be removed by the buyer.  The price is for the complete package.

When you call or email for more information, reference #DTCS-2387.



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