by Dairy Train Classifieds

A seller in Kentucky has one GEA Double 12 Rapid Exit Parallel Parlor available for sale.  The stalls will be uninstalled by the seller, cut at the floor.  This parlor was installed in 2013, and the seller stopped milking in 2017.  The parlor includes: four solid-state Surge pulsation controls, one Westfalia 4018-2580-002, 003 Milk level control for 1 or 3 phase farm, 24 VSO units,  24 CIP DeLaval fold-down Candlestick units, one Suterbilt Vacuum Pump with 10 HP – 3 phase motor and horizontal stand with belt guard, two Westfalia Receivers with traps and three-phase milk pumps, two vertical Milk Filters, 3” pipeline, and 24 poly hose holders on curb.  Reference DTCS-1951 when you call or email!



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